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Andkon is the shining bacon of the 21st century, single-handedly leading humanity out of the uncertain present. Apart from managing the world's best arcade, he writes daily to cultivate the ignorant masses

Ramble, MTV sucks major


Since it's not like I wasn't in enough pain after being dizzy for a few hours after getting a ball slammed into my ear, I wanted to cause even more pain for myself. I went to the I decided to check out the "cool" (read as overcommercialized garbage) MTV Video Music Award nominees. Since the navigation on MTV is a disaster, I somehow managed to click on some shit called "Best Female Video."

The first slut is Christina Aguilera, otherwise known as the shank that outdid Inflatable Spears. How "Dirrrty" could be nominated for anything other than the "Videos that Arouse the Gag Relfex the Quickest" category is beyond belief. Missy Elliot was next. Since I hate her because she's Madonna's whore, I won't say anymore.

Then without doing anything,'s crappy excuse for a website took me to the Viewer's Choice Awards. 50 Cent... nope. Rap isn't my style. The last time I checked it wasn't even considered music.

Next up on the Viewer's CHoice Shit, is Kelly Crackwhoreson the winner of the crap-a-thon known as American Idol. Her song is called "Miss Independent". That's a factually correct name if we take out "In". Isn't she supported by recording companies for having won that show? How is that independence? Oh wait, the MTV audience is too stupid to pick up such little subtleties.

Eminem. I thought isnt the place to get lyrics for songs. I'm not sure but I might have also said that rap isnt music. I am still kinda dizzy so I'm not sure. Just kidding, even if I was in a coma I'd know that it's all crap for sure.

I think Good Charlotte should win if they could write better music and sing. Oh wait that means they suck. Beyonce? Get her Pepsi-touting ass back to the crackhouse she came from. That's all she's good for. Any woman without an Adam's apple could sing as well as she could. Justin Timberlake? Um. Cry me a River? That's what I did after listening to a five second preview of his song. And by the possessive pronoun he, I think it's understood that "the half retarded monkey thats on crack that writes his songs."

Danny gets tutoring from Andkon on common sense.


Dear Dan,

Obviously, your English LITTERATURE class at your community college hasn't helped you out. Perhaps try taking Logic 101 with Betak. But let's have a play-by-play run down of all the mistakes you made:

  1. You can't get a joke. It's more than obvious that I'm joking when i say Munich and Berlin aren't the same because they are spelled differently. Since you've been in these situations before, don't try to make yourself look so stupid.
  2. When you criticize me that my writings arent essays you show how little YOU know about such things. Or should I say how little you know about LITTERATURE. Yes, Danny, it's idiotic how you misspell literature when you are criticizing me on the same subject.
  3. Try not to take facts 180 degrees from your crotch, despite the disease induced itch to do so (I'm on a roll!). A simple google search could show you that I have posted ONCE to opera NG's. That means I cannot be guilty of any trolling. Especially when that posting was two months ago.

Remember when I told you how people stop talking to me once I beat them down the first time? That was your subtle cue. If you can't handle me, move over. But then again, you can't understand blatant jokes, so what was I thinking about being subtle? Remember when I told you how nice I am? Relatively to now, I was very nice.

Three strikes you're out though. It's as if you are coming back for more.

Daniel Glazman is the world's biggest FUCKING DIPSHIT

> Interestingly, I am sitting at Opera in Oslo right now and someone here,
> that the Mozilla community knows very well, tells me that Andras Konya
> has been banned from Opera forums for _extreme_ trolling.
> I told you, young man, you're black-listed everywhere. Good luck for
> your future professionnal life.
> /Daniel

Glazman, I have resisted this for a LONG TIME but here it goes: you are a FUCKING dipshit.

Under the name MozillaCensorsMe I have asked ONE QUESTION from the opera NG's. They resolved it and I thanked them.

That's the only post I had to Opera as far as I can remember. The question concerned the F11 button and my website's problem with it (I had bad css). Correct me if I am wrong, but THAT's to the ONLY time I had EVER posted to ANY Opera group or forum. Apart from that message (and maybe a few more on opera.general) I have never used any other Opera group/forum/etc.

So what is this EXTREME TROLLING SHIT, dumbass? Start trying to back up what oozes out of your filthy mouth, which probably can't be distinguished from your vile defiled ass. All you do is cream people with false accusations then don't have the common decency to say "oops my bad." WTF is wrong with you, shiteater?

Update.. no more anonymous comments..


Due to some people who obviously are parasites of this Internet and have no intent on contributing anything other than immature cyber-grafitti, I am cancelling the anonymous commenting feature. It's not the opinions or cusses (even at me) that I don't mind, it's the anonymity. So if you want to comment, drop me a line Have guts to say something to my face, spineless bastards.



School sucks. Pointless subjects for the most part. Uninteresting things. Boring. Here's a list of things I will start doing to let teachers know to spice things up a bit:

  1. Nasty coughing, swallowing lugie.
  2. Open mouthed yawning.
  3. Clapping (also helpful in waking people up) in the face of the teacher.
  4. Bullhorn screaming BOOOOORING.
  5. Releasing a family sized pack of bouncy balls.
  6. Shooting the teacher with a supersoaker water gun and assorted colors of water balloons. Exception: if the teacher is female and over 30.
  7. Laughing idiotically, then saying "You are funny! And by funny I mean extremely boring."
  8. After waking up, yelling out: "God, I wasn't this bad."
  9. Yelling out, "I'd rather have my dick amputed with plastic cheap knives than this."

These suggestions will make life more bearable and probably more exciting.

Guerilla Warfare


It's time to slug Mozilla in the jaw. Like any other corporation mostly based on nothing but image, my nazi Mozilla art was a great first step. Now it's time for a bit of one-on-one guerilla warfare. Let's turn potential Mozilla users (whose ideology isn't blind allegiance to Mozilla) into downloading some other browser. Newsgroup endorsements of Opera will do the trick in time. And what if I get blocked? Cry censorship, NG's are supposed to be open.

Is there a purpose to all this seemingly annoying and futile behavior? Of course, time will tell us all. The more people go on the record for saying how much of a moron I am (etc), the better.

Another boring day...


Instead of bitching about the same thing all over again, I will instead refer the dear readers to the previous entry called "Ouch", though it should be titled "I Think (I Suck) Therefore I am (Dry)".

So new topic to whine about: Why is it that my arcade is barely getting a triple digit visitor count per day? Sites like have less of the same games as me, have many annoying ads and popups, and their page load time (due to bullshit coding) and menu is a disaster. Those sites get literally millions of hits, while my superior one sometimes has trouble pushing a hundred. To illustrate my non-angry and pervertedly funny mood at these facts, here is a stats chart of the arcade. The maddening problem is that I keep having a no pattern of increased number of visitors. I had about a hundred in May and I have a hundred now, though there were weeks when I reached an average of three hundred. I can understand why high-brow humor and shit isn't appreciated by many, but games are universal.

Of course, despite the fact that most things completely suck, there is postitive, thous most people refer to it as "self-delusion". will suck my balls one day soon and work will start on my radically new html/css tutorial. Though if my arcade can't get many hits, I don't see how a narrow audience targeted site will do any better...


0 comments Kicked in the nuts. Hit in the face. Blood in nose, no sense of smell, not even now. Rejected four out of five from an arm's length. Wasted three hours of my day for a pathetic 30 minute drown/beat fest. If this isn't the time to call it quits, I don't know when. Of course, it does cheer me up that this is reckless asshole is partly to blame. I certainly hope he one day suffocates by swallowing a damn beer bottle down his artifically cock-expanded throat. Good news though that calculus, once explained, is pretty easy.


0 comments Let's see now. We have homework that is completely different from what we do in class. Although functions are supposed to be review, most of it is pretty new. Most people think functions were the hardest thing in Algebra last year. Me too. Good thing calculus is pretty much all functions. Someone should have informed me of this before.

What I learned today.

0 comments People's selfish and reckless behavior, puts this fellow in my Anal Hall of Fame. The nerve of some people to behave as idiotically as possible is just pathetic.

First day of school...

0 comments Amazing. I arrive to school without any books. To water polo tryouts/practice I get a ride from Michael. We hear explosions in the back... We open the trunk the coke cans fried and exploded all over my swim bag. Hehe

'PSA (Proud Stupid asshole) strikes again'


Glazman, on your blog thing (

PSA (Proud Stupid asshole) strikes again

Remember Andras Konya, the guy who assimilated Mozilla imagery to the Nazis? He strikes back in netscape.public.mozilla.general. Here's a verbatim, don't laugh too loud, your neighbour is sleeping :-)

" Yes Munich seems to be a different place than Berlin. They arent even spelled the same. "

BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Pathetic.

Please add a link to the actual discussion and make mention of the irony and humor (that you obviously forgot about the first time you read it). Having problems with interpreting irony online is a bit difficult, but at least you could have read the prior posts.

Keyboard Feelings

0 comments KiCkAsScOmPuTeR (1:40:04 PM): `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./
KiCkAsScOmPuTeR (1:40:11 PM): thats how I feel about you now
swimLuBy (1:40:35 PM): aww thanks!

Riddles are Fun!


There was once a guy named Andkon the troll,
Every once in a while he decided to come out of his hole.

Furious paced back and forth the misunderstood,
With a twinkle in his eye, he was up to no good.

Straightforward logic and words,
Seemed not to have interested the Mozilla nerds.

So a new plan he brewed,
Against who were ever so rude.

A plan that was so laughably benign,
But it would still make everyone at whine.

I lurk on which webpage,
We don't know but here I come to take the stage!

Andkon Blog Opens!

2 comments I now have a blog. To begin the ego stroking that this blog is intended for let me say that this blog blows other blogs because it is hosted on my own site. It is independent, robust, fully validating, easily changeable, etc. And wait, "Let me"? It's my damn blog, I do whatever the hell I feel like.
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